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Attack of the PuppybotsDestroy Mojo's evil robot army to free Townsville's puppy population.
Zom-B-GoneStop the parade of zombie animals before it's too late.
PPG vs. Rowdyruff BoysTeam up against those bothersome bullies the Rowdy Ruff Boys.
Pillow FightTwo minutes until bedtime leaves just enough time for an all-out pillow fight.
All Monsters AttackTake control of the Dynamo robot and defend Little Tokyo from giant beasts.
PPG SnapshotCapture all the action as the Girls save Townsville again!
Draw BlossomPrint out this page, then learn how to draw Blossom in this step-by-step guide.
Pipeline PanicConnect the pipes before the Professor's formula spills onto the floor!
Girl PowerFly the not-so-friendly skies of Townsville and kick villain butt.
Meat the MayorProtect the Mayor from the meaty menace of Fuzzy Lumpkins.
Rescue from Townsville ZooHelp the Girls rescue classmates from the Townsville Zoo.
Sand Castle HassleDefend the beach against sea-faring invaders!
Craig McCrackenGet the scoop on the talented, award-winning creator behind the Powerpuff Girls and the Powerpuff Girls Movie.

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